NAM 32 (Full Release) Now Available

Just in time for SC4’s 11th anniversary, the NAM Team has released the full (read: no longer a pre-release) version of NAM 32.  You can find more details about the release in the official announcement thread at SC4 Devotion.

The mod itself is available from three official mirrors:


SC4 Devotion




3 Responses to NAM 32 (Full Release) Now Available

  1. TJara says:

    Hey Tarkus!

    Let me say first that I really want to thank you and all the other people from the NAM team for your great work. I downloaded the NAM 32 a few days ago an it really is devotion how you all put your time, brains and creativity into it. I think the NAM is a great add-on, at least the bit of it that I’ve seen.

    I haven’t seen a lot because I’m experiencing a very odd problem, and googling it brought me here. It doesn’t seem though like anybody else has reported this problem, so I thought I should. Sadly, the problem keeps me from really using NAM right now.

    I’m missing the direction arrows on my starter pieces, on SAM tiles, RHW tiles, tram… I do have arrows on the GSR (no matther if elevated or not), but no matter which settings I pick in the game, I can’t make the arrows appear on the other starter pieces. This would be fine on RHW because the yellow lines help, but it’s a problem on the others.

    I run SC4 on a Lenovo Think Pad with Windows 8.1 64 bit. I only bought it a couple of months ago and initally had no trouble running the unmodded SC4 under Win 8, but after the update to Win 8.1, I started getting “destroyed” graphics (odd black triangles and lines) in subway/pipe view, so I switched the game from hardware to software mode (in the game). This solved the problems and it ran just fine,

    However, no changes I’ve made thus far have solved this missing arrow problem. I tried switching the game back to hardware mode, I tried changing the graphic resolution settings in game (color depth, resolution, how many details etc.) – it makes no difference. I’ve changed settings that made sense for my graphic card – no difference. It did a custom installation of NAM – am I just missing something? The installer patched the game to use more RAM no problem. I did get the error message for the custom compiler (can’t find my Java), but the error message said it would use the standard compiler. Other than the missing arrows, the mod seems to be working just fine. No crashes, no freezes and everything gets build just fine. Even those starter pieces seem to work normal, only the arrow is missing.

    I think this may be a graphic card issue and you guys probably can’t solve it, but I thought you should know.

    I’m posting a few links to pictures to illustrate my problem.

  2. tarkussc4 says:

    TJara, thanks for the kind words on the new release! As far as the arrows-on-starters go, there’s nothing wrong with your graphics card, and is actually related to changes we made with the starters.

    We redid a bunch of the starter pieces during the development of NAM 31, when we introduced the “vanishing construction tile” technique. Now, instead of leaving a “dead tile” of static puzzle piece, which confounded a lot of users, the construction tile goes away, and you can drag right through where it was with the network, to get everything connected on both sides.

    All the previews for the starter pieces (except HSR and GHSR, which seem to have been missed) were tweaked to reflect the new setup with the vanishing construction tile, and aside from the OWR-1, 3, 4, and 5, where it’s functionally necessary, we didn’t put arrows on these revamped ones. It’s in part because it is possible to drag out both sides now, and most of the networks are two-way, or are otherwise marked in some way. On those starters that lack the arrows, the position of the brown square will show you where the vanishing tile is going, and will give you an idea of where things are going upon plopping.

    Hope that sheds some light on things with the starters.


    • T'Jara says:

      Oh my!! Thanks for your reply. It is kinda comforting to know nothing is wrong with the installation or my card. I played yesterday and realized there seem to be some problems with “props” (cars and so on) when I switch between regular and underground view plus there was a fire and I couldn’t see the fire truck (it was only the prop missing, the fire was put out no problem!). I seem to remember reading about this, so I’m certain I’ll figure that one out!

      It seems though I still have tons to learn about how to use all those tiles, starter pieces, and construction pieces in the NAM. It’s a whole new (Sim-) World! Oh well, I’ll get there eventually 🙂 Thanks again.

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