Building up a plugins folder of CAMeLots, the quick and legitimate way

In response to a user query over at /r/simcity tonight, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.  I compiled a list of multi-CAMeLot packs on the LEX, aside from the infamous CAM Starter Packs that everyone loves to complain about, which I’ve also urged users away from in the past.

Edit: And if you’re looking for the CAM itself, the most recent version, Version 2.1.0 by InvisiChem, can be picked up here.

Virtually all of these sets use dependencies which are hosted on-site at the LEX, and have support for the LEX’s new Dependency Tracker feature, meaning you can simply vacuum up all the files (you still have to install them, but I’ve found that getting in a rhythm, I can do each installer in 11 seconds) in one fell swoop.  Some of these packs also include Lots below the CAM stages (Stage 9 and above for Residential and Commercial, Stage 4 and above for Industrial/Agricultural), but those lower stage lots have been optimized for CAM usage.  So without further ado:

CARCH Lots by cerulean

SimGoober Residentials Vol 4 – Contains a few Stage 9 Residential lots, no dependencies.

COBB Residentials

Bixel CAMeLots (the first volume is actually called “Volume 16”):

Vol 16

Vol 17

Vol 18

Vol 19

NDEX ITS Growables (requires two offsite dependencies: Porkie Props Vol 1 and Porkie Props Vol 2, but you get a couple dozen lots out of it)

SimGoober Pencil Towers

NDEX DragonAnime CAMeLots (a set of 12!)

SimGoober Hotels

SimGoober Offices Hi-Rise Vol 1

SimGoober Offices Hi-Rise Vol 2

SimGoober Industrial-High Tech Pack

SimGoober Industrial-Manufacturing Pack 1

SimGoober Industrial-Manufacturing Pack 2

SimGoober Agriculture

tag_one 6 Industrial Buildings

The one department in which you may be lacking after this download spree is Dirty Industry (I-D).  Most of the I-D CAMeLots aren’t in large packs (unless you want to run the “Starter Pack” gauntlet), but are instead available a la carte.  There’s quite a few good ones by tag_one and jestarr.  I’ll post more as I find them, and get a more streamlined guide going from that point.



5 Responses to Building up a plugins folder of CAMeLots, the quick and legitimate way

  1. Thanks Doe says:

    Thanks for this list. Have made my life, and of many others much easier. If you ever feel like expanding on this list it would be even more awesome.

  2. Thanks for the list, really great work! As a heads-up, the only “pack” you listed here that had unavailable dependencies was the “SimGoober Agriculture”. Other than that one though I had no issues with your recommendations. Highly appreciate your work here Tarkus 🙂 I feel I now have a fantastic foundation upon which to build my own CAM plugin folder for the future! For now I shall just enjoy what you have recommended, along with your excellent NAM addition 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    Your initial link to “CARCH Lots by cerulean” actually just points back to your blog!

  4. Peter says:

    Would you still recommend playing with CAM now 2022? Yes I have read your post what CAM actually is and played last 2020 a little bit with it. Would I miss newer mods or have issues now with CAM?

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