Addendum on NAM Mac Port Situation – A Third Issue (June 15, 2014)

Note as of July 28, 2014: NAM for Mac is now here.

Following up on my post on the 12th, I’ve received some additional feedback from my NAM Team colleague memo regarding the Mac situation, and there is a third issue, which dwarfs the first two by several orders of magnitude: that of packaging.

Because of the increased complexity of the NAM package, it is paramount that we have an installer package of some sort for any of our releases.  Unfortunately, the NSIS package that we use for the Windows version will not run natively on OS X, though as is the case with Linux, it is capable of running on WINE.  A few Mac users have bombarded us with suggestions–using .dmg files, etc.–but none of the solutions proposed allow anything close to what NSIS provides, and wouldn’t really improve the installation process for Mac users.  We have also determined that the old .zip package is not remotely feasible, and as the Keka extractor for OS X already allows the NSIS .exe file to be opened up as an archive, it would be redundant.  Barring the SC4 Mac community picking up WINE or Wineskin en masse to run the NSIS installer, we are, in effect, going to have to build a custom one to get anywhere near the Windows NAM installation experience, which is no small task at all.  The higher priority will be to simply get the compatible files available, such that those running WINE/Wineskin on the NSIS installer can at least run it without removing one of the mods “kidneys” to avoid CTDs (the “kidney” is the Bridge Controller, which actually handles more than bridges, and isn’t the true cause of the CTDs), while mitigating the quirks of the re-release (which have been the focus of my past two posts on the subject).



4 Responses to Addendum on NAM Mac Port Situation – A Third Issue (June 15, 2014)

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  2. I’d like to add a pre-emptive thanks for your efforts. The thought of SimCity 4 without dual booting and with the NAM content is amazing. So the work being done to make it happen is really appreciated.

  3. qazzy says:

    Any word of when we might be able to expect an update on the progress?

  4. tarkussc4 says:

    Thanks, Stephen! And qazzy, to answer your question, we’re close enough at this point that the next update will be a release announcement. The major issues are solved; we’re hashing out some packaging stuff at present.

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