NAM 32.1 for Mac Is Here! (And Some NAM 33 Info)

The wait is finally over.  NAM for Mac is back.

Updated on 7/31/2014 at 4:27pm

As of present, it’s at all of our partner sites: ModDB, SC4 Devotion, and Simtropolis.  The full release announcement can be read here.  You will need to pick up Keka or The UnArchiver in order to get the installer out from the package, as we had to use 7-zip format to keep the package size from getting completely out of hand (saving everyone a few hundred MBs of bandwidth in the process).

And to answer one question that I anticipate may come up, the only change between NAM 32.0 and 32.1 is the Mac compatibility.  There are no other new features or improvements beyond that, and as such, there will be no 32.1 release for Windows.

We are, however, still full speed ahead on NAM 33, which will come out on both platforms at the same time, so those of you on a Mac will get to savor the time-honored NAM Team tradition of release teasers at the same time as your Windows counterparts.  We’re not sure entirely what will make the release, but the RHW will be getting a ton of elevated ramp interfaces at last, and one long-dormant project will be getting a pretty thorough upgrade this cycle.  As always, the breaking news on NAM development can be found on the NAM Creations board at SC4 Devotion.



10 Responses to NAM 32.1 for Mac Is Here! (And Some NAM 33 Info)

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  6. qazzy says:

    I love you

  7. nathan67003 says:

    I agree with quazzy, and would even go to say that the entire team is ludicrously amazing and awesome by their sheer devotion (also a shoutout to memo, who seems to be the hardcore Mac guy). I literally picked SC4 up again on Steam 2 days ago, and just saw this at 19:48 EST.

    Now I’ll be able to fluidify traffic without succumbing to bouts of restless anger, as my Sims will actually know what an avenue – one-way road intersection is.

    Again, I love all of you. Big smooches & hugs all around.

  8. muffyyy420 says:

    Hi I’m trying to use NAM on my Mac and it’s working good until I got to save my city and then an error code pops up.

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