PSA: SimCity 4 Deluxe is now safe to buy on Origin (Update: No, It’s Not Anymore)

Edit as of February 5, 2017: Origin seems to have reverted back to the unpatchable Version 1.1.610 copy.  More here.

I’ve just gotten confirmation from an Origin community manager who reached out to me that the Origin copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe is now properly updated and is capable of supporting the NAM.  If you have an Origin copy already, there should be an update waiting for you when you log on.  Many thanks to the Origin team for quickly addressing the issue.


8 Responses to PSA: SimCity 4 Deluxe is now safe to buy on Origin (Update: No, It’s Not Anymore)

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  2. Bill says:

    What about the Mac version re-released in the App Store (Aspyr’s?). Still questionable?

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  4. simonjzhang says:

    Dear tarkussc4, does that mean that the Origin version now includes the nightlight patch? I’m very frustrated by the Steam purchase because the only reason I bought it on Steam is that I heard the Steam version is “fully patched”… Turns out that it’s exactly the same as the App Store one.

    • tarkussc4 says:

      The Origin one, per what I’ve heard from Origin directly, and from users, is up to 1.1.641 now, which is the digital version of the fully-patched 1.1.640.

      The Steam Windows version is supposed to be patched up to 1.1.641 as well, and we’ve previously not had any real issues with it (a few of our devs are on Steam), though there’s been a couple reports with it recently. The Steam Mac version is equivalent to 1.1.610, however–Aspyr has never released patches for it, and has officially stated they have no plans to do so. (Origin does not sell the Mac version.)

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