Progress Toward The Official Release of NAM 33

The NAM 33 Pre-Release has now been live for about 10 days, so it’s a good time to discuss how things are shaping up for the official NAM 33 release. First off, thank you to everyone who has downloaded it and offered feedback–your efforts will help us make the finalized official release of this version the best NAM yet.  This pre-release has already proven to be more stable than our last, and we’ve already squashed quite a few bugs that have reared their heads, mainly, some of the more serious ones.  There are some things we are working out with the installer and its interaction with the Controller Compiler that will need a new working installer build to test.  That is something we’re saving for an internal spot check test, once issues with mod content are more or less worked out.

The most time-consuming fixes, by a large margin, will be the cosmetic fixes, chief of which are the updates to the Euro and Ontario RHW textures, to properly support the new additions to the RealHighway mod.  Because the specifications for these alternate texture sets differ from the default North American set, and entail a different workflow (a combination of Inkscape and Photoshop, as opposed to just Photoshop), and it’s requiring development staff that would normally be doing other things (me), the progress here has not been particularly fast, and it’ll be a constraining factor on when the official NAM 33 release becomes available.

And for those who are wondering what is happening with the Mac version, it does not appear that the NAM 33 Pre-Release will be made available for Mac, as we still need to check to see if we can simply swap in an updated executable into the Wineskin.  Provided that checks out, then we will look to have a simultaneous release on both the Windows and Mac platforms for the finalized version of NAM 33.



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