The RealHighway (RHW) System Turns 10

Ten years ago, on November 16, 2005, the first ever public build of what was then called the Rural Highway Mod, or RHW, was unleashed.  It was a simple proof of concept, for a new, modular highway system, with a limited set of features.  Based on initial ideas from modding pioneer Teirusu, it was ultimately seen through by qurlix, with texture work by nooneatall and Zeddic.

It couldn’t even really do interchanges then.  There were two puzzle pieces, and only Rails and Streets could intersect it at-grade.  (This was my personal first interchange that attempted to use the RHW . . . complete with lack of slope mod.)

From that limited set of features, some of us who tried out the mod in its early days saw a glimmer of amazing potential, for a new modular highway system, and the ability to cause the game’s default networks to behave in new ways, helping bring about the draggable revolution that has changed the landscape of SC4 transit mods.

Ten years later, the RHW–now RealHighway, as it has long surpassed merely being “rural”–is still going.

It’s been an amazing ride–thanks to everyone who has supported this project over the past decade, and to all the other developers and contributors I’ve had the pleasure of working with, who have helped pave this road.  Here’s to many more years of the highway revolution.



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