NAM 34 Gets Mac OS X Bundle Release with CAM 2.1.0

Thanks to the efforts of an enterprising new member at SC4 Devotion, Mero90, Mac OS X users can once again enjoy the latest NAM release.  Like the previous NAM 32.1 release, this new package is set up as a Wineskin port of the Windows installer.  Due to the fact that the new CAM 2.1.0 release by InvisiChem also needed a Mac installer (yes, there’s a new CAM, too!), and the large file overhead from Wineskins, both NAM 34 and the new CAM are included as a bundle, though there is no requirement that users install both.  As this package was built using the newest Wineskin engine on El Capitan, it also marks the first time that the NAM can run properly on that version of OS X, since the previous NAM 32.1 installer was stymied by the new Security Integrity Protection (SIP, AKA “Rootless”) feature.

The new bundle is available at both the SC4D LEX and ModDB, and runs about 363MB.  It is doubly compressed in order to keep the filesize and bandwidth consumption down, so like before with NAM 32.1, you’ll need an app that can open .7z files.  Mero90 has created his own support thread for the bundle at SC4D, which can be found here, and contains more information about installation and the like.