2 June 2016: Update on SC4 Devotion Server Move

EDIT: As of 7 June 2016, the site is back up and running.  Thanks to everyone for their patience, and to Jeronij for his valiant and patient efforts battling the technical issues.

As many of you in the community have noticed, the SC4 Devotion forums have been in “Maintenance Mode” for awhile now, with a message about the site being moved to a new server.  The process was started on May 23rd, and while we hoped that it would be a smooth process that would take a couple of days at the most, it has unfortunately turned into a very complicated process, which Jeronij, the site owner and webmaster, is still working to resolve.  I’ve been trying to relay what I do know about the process in a thread over at Simtropolis (thanks to their staff for their support while we’ve been down), and thought I would also try to answer some of the common questions I’ve encountered from community members during our downtime.

Unfortunately, I don’t know that much, as the process is largely something that only Jeronij can do as the site owner, but I have had some communication with him since the closure, and will do my best to shed a little bit of light on things.

When will the forums be back?

The reopening of the forums is entirely contingent on getting the new server operational.  The URL still points to the old server at present, and Jeronij is waiting to get the new server fully up and running before requesting the DNS change to point to it.

There is no reliable estimate that we can give as to when the forums will be back.  Jeronij indicated that any post made after the move was initiated would most likely get wiped out upon its completion, and locking down the forums was a safeguard, to prevent anyone from losing a Mayor’s Diary update, or some other equally critical forum post.

What is the issue with the new server?

There are some database issues across the board on the new server, and in particular, the LEX is completely inoperable.  The site owner has been working with our webhost’s technical support team to attempt to resolve the issues since May 23rd.


Is the LEX still open?

The LEX isn’t locked down right now, but it’s only partially open.  Anyone looking to upload a new file to the LEX should refrain from doing so until after the server move has been completed, as anything uploaded after the forum lockdown (May 23rd) will also likely hit the bit bucket, as will any LEX comments made after that date.  Uploading/commenting would have been locked, but there is no mechanism available to do so in the LEX Admin Panel.

Is the LEX on a different server than the forums?

No.  The entire site exists on the same server.  If we were to request the DNS change before the issues were resolved, the LEX would be completely knocked out, preventing access to a number of dependencies used cross-site.  It would effectively drive the community to a halt more than the current forum closure would.

Can’t you partially reopen the forums, perhaps in read-only mode?

There’s no reasonable mechanism by which to do so with our forum software.

Is this going to turn into another SimPeg?

No.  SimPeg suffered catastrophic database failure and lacked a backup, meaning the site was completely lost (save for a majority of the files on their exchange, which had been mirrored at Simtropolis).  While there are database issues on the new server, the old server is still up, and there are backups.


Hopefully, this helps give you a little better idea of where things currently stand.  We hope to be back up soon, and the staff thanks you for your patience while our webmaster valiantly slays the technical gremlins.


EDIT: As of 7 June 2016, the site is back up and running.  Thanks to everyone for their patience, and to Jeronij for his valiant and patient efforts battling the technical issues.