NAM 36 Is Here


Those of you who have been patiently awaiting the release of NAM 36 need not wait any longer–it’s out now, as of the 13th of September.  All the details are up here in this SC4D thread.

Among other things, it finally marks the appearance of the FLEX Turn Lanes, which had been in development since just after NAM 32 was released in January 2014 (making its development cycle longer than that of the Network Widening Mod), and the Draggable Elevated RealRailway Viaducts.  Viaduct functionality of that type has been in planning since 2009, with several unfinished attempts, before eggman121 finally put everything together.  There’s also a new SAM set, courtesy of mgb204, expansions to the One-Way Road Signalization and Turn Arrow Project, some new Multi-Radius Curves, and some other fun stuff that we hope you’ll enjoy.  There’s also a marked improvement with the documentation, which is transitioning back to the old HTML format used in NAM 30 and earlier.

The Windows version is up on the SC4D LEX, the Simtropolis STEX, and ModDB, while the Mac version is only at ModDB, due to its larger filesize.

(And in case anyone is wondering, since Origin still hasn’t (re-)fixed their unpatched/unpatchable copy, it’s still a no-go.  See my handy Origin category.)

To help further get you in the mood, here’s a video I did building an RHW T-Interchange in real-time using NAM 36 a few days back, in response to a question over on /r/simcity4.


NAM 36 Grows Closer

Not for public release, eh?  I have a feeling that won’t be the case for much longer . . .

Dare I say . . . imminent?