And another one does . . . another one bites the dust

NAM 37 development has kind of been all over the place here on my end, though I’ve recently been making some headway again on some long-term RHW-related projects.  One such project is that creating FLEXRamp versions of the last remaining “holdouts” of the static puzzle piece-based ramps.  So far, that project has been going quite well, and four such holdouts–the RHW-10S Type D2, the RHW-10S Type E2, the RHW-6C Type D1 Inside Dual ramp and the RHW-6C Diagonal Type A1–are now in FLEXRamp form.  In the case of the RHW-10S ramps, they’re simply extensions of the existing Type D2 and E2 FLEXRamps.

The RHW-6C Diagonal Type A1 is the same, while the Type D1 Inside Dual is a new FLEX setup.  In the case of the RHW-6C ramps mentioned, their creation has also allowed for some cool new stuff to happen:

There’s now just two left of the non-fractional angle ramps.

More RHW development–including “Project Crazy Stuff” (really, the long-awaited “Mark IV” of Project 57) can, of course, be found in the long-running RHW development thread at SC4 Devotion, which is now up to Page 645.  My colleague eggman121 also has some very exciting stuff for rail aficionados, in the form of new RealRailway developments and his catenary project over there as well.



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