4 Years Ago . . .

Today marks 4 years exactly since PC Gamer’s Andy Chalk wrote an article about my exposé on Origin’s practice of selling unpatched and unpatchable Version 1.1.610 copies of SimCity 4.  As you can see at the very top of the article, on August 27, 2014, two days after the article went live, Origin came to their senses and started selling patched copies, like other digital retailers.

However, as those of you who have been around the SimCity 4 community since that time–and especially those of you who regularly stop by SimTarkus–that correction was subsequently “uncorrected” by Origin when no one was looking.  EA’s digital service has since been continuing to sell nerfed Version 1.1.610 copies (for the price of US$19.99, no less), and reverting the copies of customers who obtained the patched version upon re-installation, as per Exhibits A and B.  The customer in the latter case, a Simtropolis member by the username of JurisicSantiago, actually experienced the nerfing twice, having been the one who supplied me with the screenshot of the version number during my initial 2014 coverage.