We Like To Surprise People . . .

Quite some time ago, I started on a bit of a secret project, somewhat related to my NAM work. There’s long been requests for mods to switch the default Maxis Streets to have an appearance like the SAM-7 Asphalt Streets, and to swap the Maxis gray look over to being a SAM set. Well, those requests have finally been fulfilled . . . introducing the TRK-NAM Default Asphalt Streets Mod (with Maxis Gray SAM-7 Replacement).

Here it is in action:


The texture sets are feature-complete (as of NAM 36) replacements for the default Maxis Streets and SAM-7.  Texture support for both North American and Euro-International Textures is included, as is RHD/LHD support, and both RRW and Maxis Rail crossings.

And here’s the best part . . . it’s now available on the LEX.  Hope you enjoy!