NAM 37 Release Candidate Now Available at SC4 Devotion

At long last, the marathon development cycle for NAM 37, at just over 2 1/2 years, is coming to a close.  We’ve gone ahead and issued a public Release Candidate build (NAM 37 RC), which represents the very-close-to-final state of this new version of the mod, allowing the community a chance to see what we’ve been up to in all this time.  (And yes, we’ve actually been developing this entire time.  It’s just that pictures of RealRailways with bits of Maxis Rail sticking out of them, or pictures of file architecture schemes, aren’t very exciting for general public to look at–heck, they’re not exciting for us to look at, either.)

All the details on NAM 37 RC can be found here, including the download link.  The support thread is here. Note that this release is set up quite drastically different than many in recent memory, as it uses a new Java-based installer, designed by daeley, which is actually cross-platform.  (Yes, Mac users, you can stop wondering–the station-related CTDs that were reported with the new 64-bit version of the port have even been addressed.)

Hope you enjoy!