NAM 39 Now Available

If you haven’t stopped by SC4 Devotion, Simtropolis, or r/simcity4 recently, you may not have heard, but yes, there’s another NAM release ready for your enjoyment, NAM 39. This release marks the long-awaited debut of the new Subway-based draggable implementation of FLUPs (which traces its origins to the early Subway modding experiments by Jonathan/warrior from way back in 2009).

There’s plenty of other features and important fixes in this release as well. The whole feature list is below.

  • New Subway-based draggable implementation of the Flexible Underpass (FLUPs) system added, with FLEX-based network portals (modeled by Girafe) and underground networks for the RealHighway’s RHW-2 and MIS networks. These portals include working nightlights, and options for both Maxis Nite and Dark Nite (selectable under the “Texture and Drive Side Support” section of the installer).
  • Three new draggable “Alternate Viaduct” styles added for the Road Viaducts–Stone Arch, Steel Arch, and Japanese (JPN) Facelift. These new viaducts act as separate networks, and are designed specifically for use as part of short oorthogonal overpasses over orthogonal networks, starting from On-Slope Transitions.  Additionally, the Alternate Viaducts can be overridden by the Street network and some SAM types.
  • A FLEX On-Slope transition (FLEX-OST) has been added for the Hybrid Railway (HRW) FLEX-based dual-network.
  • FLEX On-Slope Transitions (FLEX-OSTs) for the RealHighway (RHW) plugin have been fixed, and now function as intended.
  • Support for 90° R1 “Mini-Curves” (3×3 footprint) has been added for the Road network.
  • Diagonal crossover paths and DIPs (Distilled Intersection Paths) have been added to the diagonals for the Wider RHW networks (courtesy of McDuell and Triple-Tile NWM networks (courtesy of Ganaram Inukshuk), improving capacity and functionality of the diagonal RHW-8S, RHW-10S, RHW-6C, RHW-8C, TLA-7, and AVE-6 networks.
  • Various improvements have been made to the NWM TLA-7/AVE-6-to-Dual-OWR-3 draggable transition, including the addition of proper Distilled Intersection Paths (DIPs) to mitigate capacity issues, along with fixing broken LHD pathing
  • The RULs for the LHD version of the FLEX Turn Lanes (FTL) Type 130 x Type 110 intersections have been improved, to eliminate previous texture and path flipping errors.

NAM 39, like all NAM versions, can be picked up at our three partner sites:



SC4 Devotion

Also, if you stop by ModDB, make sure you vote for the Network Addon Mod in the ModDB Mod of the Year Awards.